This is a collection of various projects that I've rotated through over the past years. Some have worked better than other. The coaster projects have gone through many iterations. Sorry I never posted pictures. I didn't want to give current students too many good ideas.

  1. Bean Bag Bombardier (I'd change this to say, "No K'Nex." They ar too light and easy. Supply a standard vehicle made from two axles, four wheels and a wooden base -like a piece of 1/2"x4"x6" wood.)
  2. Breaker Barrier
  3. Carmageddon
  4. Coaster Kingdom
  5. Crash Barrier
  6. Crash Barrier #2
  7. Coaster Design -on paper
  8. Coaster Project #1
  9. Coaster Project #2 (paper roller coaster)
  10. Coaster Project #3
  11. Coaster Project #4
  12. Coaster Project #5
  13. Coaster Project #6 (paper roller coaster -cyclone edition)
  14. Coaster Project #7 (paper roller coaster -Arduino edition)
  15. Coaster Project #8 (24 Columns)
  16. Coaster Project #9 (Terror Tower)
  17. Egg Drop Contest
  18. Haiku
  19. PingPong™ Wrangler #1
  20. PingPong™ Wrangler #2
  21. Rube Goldberg
  22. Rube Goldberg contest #2
  23. Round Pegs/Square Holes coming in fall 2011?
  24. Turkey Shoot (An annual event I started doing in 1986!)
  25. Water Rocket
  26. vPython
  27. GlowScript ...Coming Soon (November 2017)


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)