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This page contains resource materials for Mr. T. Wayne's honors and AP-B physics classes. The documents contained on this web site are either in "html" format for viewing directly with a web browser or in "Acrobat Reader" file format, "pdf." The "Acrobat" files can be downloaded and printed. The online tests use a language called "Java." Check below to see if "Java" is enabled on your browser.

Humbly, I must admit this site is a "work in progress" and may contain a few typos and misdirected links. I'm endeavoring to eliminate any and all these errors. Please, help me by telling me in class of any problems you may encounter with this site.
If you are a teacher, then be sure to click on my yellow teacher's link for some of the animations and simulations I have created fo class. You can also find many of my labs and handouts in the various sections listed below and on the AP pages.
Syllabus (Honors)
AP-B Physics Resources


...indicates the current unit for honors physics

Circular Motion


Momentum and Impulse

Dimensional Analysis


Kinetic and Potential Energy Relationships

Vector Algebra and Trig.


Work and Power

Kinematics (graphs)



      Coulomb's Law

Kinematics (formulae)


Electrical Circuits

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion




Simple Harmonic Motion




Vertical Projectile Motion


Special Relativity


Universal Gravity


Miscellaneous Materials


Extra Credit


Lab Information

  Orbital Mechanics  

Electricity Basics Part 1

Projectile Motion in a plane
  Freebody Diagrams Basics

(This table will grow and change as the year goes on,)


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