Student Comments about Remind

At the end of the year I give my students an anonymous survey. Below is a selection of responses that are typical of the ones I received when I asked for their opinion on my use or

Very useful. It helped having reminders come straight to my phone which I have quicker access to than email.

It was helpful and allowed us to be more up-to-date on changes you made to assignments.

They are really helpful reminders to do things- probably the best communication method I've seen teachers use.

Very useful. I have no memory and I wouldn't have done anything without them.

I really liked it!! I enjoyed having text messages that told me whether I had homework, what materials I needed for class, times for online review, and when to bring my textbook. It was very helpful! Since I do take a hard course load, it was nice having a message remind me what I need to do for that day or for the week.

I really liked it. I don't constantly check my email but I always have my phone so when I get a text as a reminder it is a lot more efficient for me.

It was very convenient.

Every teacher should use it