Albemarle High School's Physics Teacher's Resource Pages

By Tony Wayne

Below is some clipart that I use in my presentations. To use them, drag them to your computer's desktop or right click on the image and select "download image." These are ".png" images with a clear background. They should show up in the latest versions of PowerPoint and KeyNote nicely over any background. If you use them, great! Don't bother citing me as a source. From one educator to another, I hope you find them useful.

If you have seen some of the presentations and Q.O.D.'s on my website, you'll notice that I use the check marks in my PowerPoints when I'm illustrating to students what his or her work should look like or contain. I call this process "Check your work." It is highly effective at keeping pace and interest in the class while also clearly communicating outcome expectations.

Check Marks
Schematics Diagram Parts