Honors Physics Homepage
Resources for the non-AP physics class. Includes text resources and syllabus.
AP Physics 2 Homepage
This is a collection of unit objectives, worksheets, lab resources, notes, class presentations, syllabus, class supply list, and online pretests.
Teacher Resrouces I have developed
This is a collection of resources that I have developed for use in PowerPoint and/or KeyNote presentations. They are movies and pictures I have drawn. They are free and I am honored if you decide to use them. Do not sell them or include them on any commercial collections without permission.
Physics Resource Book
This pdf file contains a large collection of problems for all physics classes. Download it!


Update: Hopefully the flash assets have been removed or converted. I'm slowly working on converting the simulations to non-flash based. Some have been converted -like the circular motion activities.

On most pages I have included something called a "QU." Instead of quizzes I started to call then "QU"s" Question for Understanding. They are there to see if you understand the important pieces of he page you read and to help you learn them. They are not recorded. Several are embedded Google form because they can be written more quickly than java script.


A little bit about me, Tony Wayne.

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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