About me...

Tony Wayne
Albemarle High School
Charlottesville, VA

This is for those individuals who need to annotate their work cited lists for stuff on my website.

Who am I? What do I do? I am:
family man author web page designer
physicist publisher filmmaker
educator editor film director
Washington Football fan graphic designer film producer
web page curator programmer communicator
volunteer researcher department chair
innovator inventor very busy
animator film writer  
someone who cares about my student's learning through understanding.


I've been teaching physics at Albemarle High School, in Virginia, since 1986. I enjoy my job so much that I don't look at it as work, it's a passion. I like learning new applications of physics concepts. I enjoy the challenge in presenting the pictures and concepts in my head to others. I love demonstrations where the students are the presenters and analyzers. The demonstrations with counter intuitive actions are my favorite. I can never get enough hands-on activities. I teach in a style is a mix between modeling and some more traditional approaches.

I see the web as a way to extend learning, fill in for loss time and provide a learning experience that is a great accompaniment to hands-on learning. Nearly everything on this website was created by me. I am the author, artist, designer, programmer, and publisher. The only exception is the chapter on, "A Further Understanding of Gravity" by Andy Jackson and posted with his permission. Currently, I'm developing new teaching techniques and adapting older techniques that utilize Google Docs as a collaboration tool among the students. I'm working on podcasts and vidcasts on YouTube to explain some of the more difficult concepts or math for my students. ( Click here for my stuff on YouTube) I'm humbled that my videos have combined for over 200 000 views. The more I learn the more I want to do.

Javascript was my first tool for web interaction. Then I discovered Flash. I've been using Flash since 2000. It is a software, "swiss army knife." With Flash I create movies to animate my point, simulations for student inquiry, and I love the simplicity of the draw tools. The draw tools are the best entry drawing tool on the market. As a fellow teacher please feel free to use any resources you find on my website for non-commercial purposes. I feel honored whenever I hear that someone found liked and used something I created. Currently I'm learning about HTML 5 and slowly rewriting several of my web pages for HTML 5. However, somethings must still be done in Flash -Its that good.

On average I work about 3.5 hours a day outside of contract hours on school work. (I work when everyone is doing homework or after they go to sleep.) On weekends I average about 4 hours a day working on school work. (Yes. I really love work.) Sadly I can't always make corrections to my website when they need to be made. With all this technology I still keep daily "to do" lists and notes in a 3x5 memo book. At some point, I do look backthough my book and fix any errors on the site. It just may take some time to get to them. and yet I still add content just about eveyday.

In summer when I'm not working at one of my summer jobs, I hope to update the teacher resource section and my online physics reference. Oh yea, I also plan on spending a lot of time with my family bowling on the Wii, leveling up in "Call of Duty" or playing "Border Lands."

Many thanks to my students who help me to improve my website through their feedback.

You will not find my e-mail on this website. I HATE SPAM and get too much of it without making it easier for spammers by posting an email address on the website.

My dog Sophie is "high fiving" me. (I think she is sticking her tongue out at me. :-)) She can sit, lay down, crawl, fetch, shake paws, high five, back up, defend the house, stand on her hind legs like a bear, ring a bell to signal us it's time to go out, look regal when riding in a car, and much more.


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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