by Tony Wayne
Class syllabus
Text Messeaging for Students
This uses "" to send out text messages to students. Students must sign up. I send about 10 messages a year. Parents will receive text messages from a different system, "Talking Points." No sign up is needed.

Right-click the image to download my "Physics Resource book" to your computer. (If you click on the image instead of right-clicking, the pdf file will open in this browser window instead of downloading to your laptop/computer.) This pdf file contains most of the problems and activities we will do in class. We will not do all of the problems or activities. But will do a lot of them.


Any teacher or student can download and distribute this pdf file under creative commons 3 copyright.

This is not a comprehensive "textbook." It is to serve as resource to help explain most of the main concepts that are covered in a first year physics class. The cool stuff happens in class with demonstrations, explanations, labs, and activities. It can be used as a review or as a primer before class. This resource contains a lot of animations, "Questions for Understanding" quizes with feedback, and movies embedded from YouTube. It is meant to be different from a printed textbook. Hopefully more engaging. It was developed and organized by soliciting feedback from thousands of my students. Physics Resource Book link.

  1. Dimensional Analysis
  2. Scientific Notation
  3. Significant Figures
  4. Labs (in general)
  5. Trigonometry for Right Triangles
  6. Vectors
  7. Kinematics -Conceptually
  8. Kinematics by Graphical Means
  9. Kinematics by Algebraic Means
  10. Newton's Laws of Motion
  11. Free body Diagrams
  12. 2nd Condition of Equilibrium (Torque)
  13. More about Torque
  14. Circular Motion (Uniform)
  15. Rotational Kinematics
  16. Simple Harmonic Motion
  17. Waves (TBA)
  18. Projectile Motion
  19. Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion
  20. Beyond Gravity
  21. Universal Gravity
  22. Energy
  23. Momentum
  24. Electrostatics
  25. Coulomb's Law
  26. Electricity Basics
  27. d.c. Circuit Analysis (Resistor Reduction)
  28. d.c. Circuit Analysis w/ Kichoff's Rules
  29. Electromagnetism
  30. Light Introduction



by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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