These are the formulas you need to know for the formal quiz. (They are on the first page of your objectives sheet too.) When you come to class you will have no time to study before the quiz. Be prepared. I will give you the left hand side of the equation and you will correctly write the right hand side. Note that the average velocity has an additional equality sign. For an equation to be correct IT MUST THE MATCH LISTED EQUATIONS EXACLTY.

If you don't know what each variable stands for, don't worry, I'll explain that later. For now, memorize these formulas. We'll apply and make sense of them later.

Quiz Rules
The quiz will be given every day until everyone who is present gets it perfect twice. If you are absent Mona quiz day and everyone who present gets it correct then consider it s gift. But don't stop studying. Remember EVERYONE has to keep repeating the quiz until EVERYONE gets it correct twice on the same day. It is not enough that you get it correct. EVERYONE has to get them perfect. After the second quiz everyone will receive a 20/20 quiz grade. If you miss ANY part of a formulae you must copy ALL 4 formulae a prescribed number of times Only the person who made the mistake has to copy the formulae. Below is a table showing how many times the formulae must be copied. If a student has a physical impediment making it difficult or unusually laborious to write, then a less strenuous option will be made available.

Quiz number Number of times to copy the formula for any forulae mistakes.
All formulae 25 times
All formulae 50 times
All formulae 75 times
All formulae 100 times
All formulae 100 times
All formulae 100 times
7 etc.
All formulae 100 times
Failure to turn in the copied formulae will result in a 10% grade reduction in the final quiz grade.

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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