Barrier Breaker Title

Annotated Work Cited Page Due: Feb 8
Paper Due Date: Feb 19
Contest Due Date: March 3 and 4, 2008

In this contest you are to build the lightest, smallest, least expensive car crash barrier with the most effectiveness. You are to build your barrier out of 3”x 5” index cards and staples. The colliding vehicle is a small cart on wheels about the size of a small boot. The passenger of the car will be ejected from the vehicle at impact. The more effective the barrier at safely stopping the car, the less distance the passenger will travel.

For the research paper, you are to research a topic focusing on what it takes to keep passengers safe during accidents. You can focus on trains, subways, amusement park rides, cars trucks, etc. Within this topic, you could also look at the physics, science, engineering and/or history. You paper is to follow MLA format and citations. See the website, for details and links to a few short videos explaining the parts.

Forms to turn in for the contest
Acrobat File You must turn in and complete the top of page one of this form. Page 2 is to help you keep track of your designs.
Acrobat File Click here to see a nicely formatted, "pdf," version of these rules.
Contest details
In this activity you are to build a bumper that will allow an egg passenger to survive an head on impact with a wall with the lower cost to “crash rating” ratio
ratio formula

Calculating the Crash Rating

Crash Rating Formula
Our accelerometer only goes up to 25 g's. Any accelerations greater that 25 will count as 50 g's. Use kinematics to figure out the minimum stopping distance or the g's to stop your actual car. Bring in your bumper and test it out.
Calculating the Manufacturing Cost
As you build your bumper keep a chart of what it takes to build it. After it complete, talley up the cost according to the table. Make sure the bumper works before cutting costs.
Manufacturing Cost Example
The Impact Test Vehicle

The vehicle colliding with the bumper is drawn to the right. It has a mass approximately equal to 44 nickels. You will be choosing the impact velocity, between 10 and 1 m/s.

This is not heavy vehicle. Its body is made from 6 inch piece of a 2"x4" piece of wood.

Impacting Car's Design
Bumper Construction
It must be made from 3 inch by 5 inch index cards. These cards can be folded, stapled, and cut. But just like in the manufacturing process, these items and procedures cost you. If your bumper uses any bigger card your "card costs" will be quadrupled to cover the cost of getting your additional resources on the black market and government fines for cheating on your forms. Your bumper must be free standing. It cannot be secured to the barrier or the floor.
Minimum/Maximum bumper size to qualify

The impact car may or mat not hit your car straight on. The car might swerve a little hit the bumper with a glancing blow. Regardless of how the car impacts the barrier, the trail still counts.

Maximum size
depth < 20 cm
width < 30 cm
height < 15 cm

Barrier Size
Measuring the Area
Calcuating the Bumper's Area
We will not use any other shape to estimate the bumper's area. We will not use a combination of shapes. It is either a triangle or rectangle to estimate the area.


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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