Video Video showing how to set and release a mousetrap along with some traps hints. This link will open in a new window.
To be the first to drop your beanbag in the track’s hole in a head­–to–head competition.
Annotated Work Cited: Nov 19, 2007
Research Paper: Nov 26, 2007
Project Due: Dec. 3, 2007


  • You may use any materials that do not conflict with these limitations.
  • For power, you may use no more than 2 mousetraps, their parts, gravity and/or any number and size of rubber bands. The mousetraps must be of a design like the one shown to the right. NO electric, solar, fossil fuel motors, rat traps.
    1. The vehicle will compete head-to-head against another vehicle at the opposite end of the track.
    2. The vehicle will start from rest.
    3. You will not be allowed to touch the vehicle after the start of the race.
    4. The vehicle cannot toss the beanbag bomb towards the hole. It must be delivered to or dropped in the hole.
    5. Your vehicle may NOT be designed to personally attack your opponent.
    6. The vehicle and all materials must fit between the rear of your side of the track and the starting line 13”away.
    7. The vehicle cannot be taller than 12 inches at the start of your contest.
    8. The vehicle must not be wider AT ANY POINT than the inside width of the track.
    9. The vehicle cannot fire any dangerous projectiles. If you have to ask, its dangerous.
    10. You may alter the mousetraps so long as you do not add electricity, blades,fire or anything else dangerous.
    11. No ramps taller than 1 inch can be used.
    12. Nothing can be attached to the track at any time.
    13. The vehicle cannot be given a push to start the race.
    14. Only one person can involved in starting the vehicle.
    15. The track and its sides are mere guides. You cannot use any part of the track as a launching mechanism –either for support or part of the construction.
    16. You may work with a partner from any class participating in the contest.
    17. The first beanbag through the hole wins the round. The judge’s ruling is final.
    18. In the event that neither vehicle reaches the target hole, the vehicle that travels the farthest will be declared the winner.
    19. In the event that both vehicles reach the whole but neither succeed in dropping the beanbag through the hole, then the vehicle to arrive first at the hole will be declared the winner.
    20. Unless you receive prior permission, your vehicle must be removed from the classroom at the end of your final the contest. Failure to remove the vehicle will result in project point reduction per day.

Set up diagram

ScoreSheet Image This is the sample of the scoring rubric for the project part of the grade. These criteria may be adjusted before the contest. check back before the contest.

Possible Points



Follows all the construction rules.


Carries the beanbag at least 1 foot from the start line.

+ 2

For each additional foot away from the 1 foot line mentioned above.


Carries the beanbag to the front of the hole. The vehicle must touch the track stop in the middle.


Makes it to the hole but does not separate from the bean bag
Deposits the beanbag –but not in the hole.
Deposits the beanbag in the hole.

1 - 5

Vehicle decorated with an obvious theme. Be clever.

1 - 2

Excellent job decorating the vehicle (bonus points -impress the teachers.)

+ 2

Winning at least one round (these are bonus points.)


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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