Uniform Circular Motion Reading Questions

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What is meant by the word UNIFORM when describing circular motion?


A car is turning left. Three of its positions are shown below. What direction is the force pointing that turned the car? Draw a force arrow for each car.



Apply what you have read. A car is moving at 10 mph. What would the motion of the car look like if the speed of 10 mph did not change but the car experienced an acceleration?


The diagram below shows a ball moving in a circle. Draw and label the radius, tangential velocity, centripetal acceleration, and centripetal force vectors on the ball.


Measure the period of motion of the Ferris wheel shown below.



What is the frequency of the Ferris wheel above?



What are the 5 formulas for circular motion found in the reading?



List the variables for each formula above, include S.I. units on your answers.



Based on the the example probems and the video solutions on page 5. List a set of instructions to follow when solving circular motion problems.


If the radius of the Ferris wheel above is 5 m, using the period you measured, calculate the tangential velocity of the ferris wheel's chair that the riders sit in.


In addition to the period of motion calculated earlier, the rider travels in a radius of 6.00 meters around the center of the Ferris wheel. Calculate the centripetal force of an 85.0 kg rider on the Ferris wheel in the yellow seat?


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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