Build a landing-craft vehicle for an uncooked egg which will enable the egg to fall unharmed from the second story to the ground.

Participants must sign up prior to April 21st with Mr. Curry (RM 255) for the drop. The device must be turned in before school starts on Thursday, April 23rd, to RM 255. The passenger is a medium sized, uncooked chicken egg supplied by the teacher. The egg must be able to be removed from the craft or fully inspected. Materials for the device's construction are listed below. Elimination rounds will be conducted from a teacher's desk. Survivors will be dropped from a second floor window. If needed, repeated "drop-off's" will be done to determine the final winner.

MATERIALS:   (provided by the student)
6    plastic Drinking Straws
15 cm    of string
15 cm     of masking tape
1    8 ½” x 5 ½” piece of paper

  • All items may be cut, woven, folded, or stuck into each other.
  • No adhesives or fasteners (paste, tape, staples, tacks, etc.) may be used.
  • The egg cannot be coated with anything.
  • The egg will be placed, loosely, in a plastic bag. This bag/egg combination must be placed in your landing-craft.


Extra credit for Science class (ask your teacher for further information)

Winner:  Gift Card

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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