All answers are to be typed in your the Google Doc called Newton's Stations Responses.

Station 0 -Class Example

about the two experiments and when each string broke

Inferences: ...(As to why each string broke the way it did.)

Station 1 The Medicine Ball

Medicine ball

Extend your arms straight in front of you. Hold the balloon between your hands. Make sure nobody is near you. Keep your arms straight in front of you, moving only at your hips, swing the balloon all the way left and then all the way right. Move back and forth several times as quickly as possible. Then switch to the medicine ball.

Observations comparing and contrasting the motions and which was harder to rotate.

Station 2 The Card Trick
  • cup
  • card
  • coin

Place the cup on the table; the card on the cup, and the coin on top of the card. Quickly “flick” the corner of the card with your finger being careful not to touch the cup.


Station 3 The magic(?) Trick
  • coin
  • paper

Place the paper on the table. Place one or more coins on the table. In a sweeping motion move your hand down to the paper and let your finger push the paper off the table.


Station 4 The Balancing Bottles
2 bottles
1 dollar bill
2 people


Place one bottle on the table. Place the round emblem on a dollar over the bottle’s opening. Place the second bottle upside-down on the dollar on top of the other bottle. Line the two bottle’s opening up exactly on one top of the other. You are going to remove the dollar from between the bottles without touching the bottles and without the top bottle falling.

For right handed people, hold the end of the dollar with your left hand. Hold it VERY TIGHTLY and don’t move the dollar such that the top bottle moves. If the top bottle moves, realign the bottles. Important safety note: have a second person stand with his or her hands hovering around the top bottle. Point your right hand’s index finger. With a karate shop like motion, chop George Washington’s face. The WHOLE TIME DO NOT MOVE YOUR LEFT HAND or the dollar bill. It the top bottle should wobble and/or fall, the person with his or her hands hovering around the top bottle should catch it.

Station 5 The Hoberman Sphere

A Hoberman sphere is a structure that can expand and contract. Place the rubber band around the Hoberman sphere. Toss it back and forth to a partner in such a way as to make it spin in the air. DO NOT LET IT HIT THE GROUND. Now take the rubber band off the Hoberman sphere. Toss it back and forth to a partner in such a way as to make it spin in the air. DO NOT LET IT HIT THE GROUND.

Observations comparing and contrasting the motions and the number of time a per second the sphere spun. [Compare and constrast]

Station 6 Stick-it and Spin

Observations compare and contrast the motions and how easy it was to swivel the pipes back and forth .

Station 7 The Race Cans

You have two lanes and two cookie tins. The cookie tins are equal in mass. Race the cookie tins down the ramp. But here are the rules. Do not push the tins. Have someone say the words “Ready...Set...Go.” On the word,”go,” let go of the tins and let them roll down the ramp. Note which one wins. Switch lanes and race them again. Note which one wins.

The tins are more fragile than you think. Do not drop them. Do NOT open the cookie tins.

Observations about the race. [Compare and constrast the tins.]

Station 8 The Rotational Car Race

Place the two LEGO™ block cars side by side. They have the same mass. But notice the difference in how much mass is spinning. Race them down the ramp. and let them roll until they come to a rest on their own.

Observations about the race and the difference in the two cars designs. [Compare and constrast]

Station 9 The Balloon Car

Inflate the balloon car with the pump. DO NOT USE YOUR MOUTH TO INFLATE THE BALLOON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Hold the pump tight against the back of the car. Slide the pump back and forth. Be careful not to over inflate the balloon -or it will pop. with the balloon inflated, quickly put the car on the table and let go.


Station 10 The Launcher Platform

This activity involves fire.
• All long hair must be tied back.
• Safety glasses must be worn by all team members.
• Make sure the ball is not aimed towards anybody.
• If the string is still smoldering after being lit, put is in the cup of water next to the station.

Use the string loop to pull the rubber band back. Place a ping pong™ ball in the rubber band. See the example at the activity station. Do not take anything apart from the example. We no longer use the 10 pipe pieces, instead place the platform on the table top itself. Watch the video below to see how to setup this station.

Click here to go to YouTube to watch the video. (It may load faster this way.)The page will open in a new window.

Make sure nobody is in front of the launcher. Place the front of the launch to the edge of the table. For hte picture below, the table edge would be lined up with the launchers left edge. Use the lighter to burn the string. Observe the ball’s speed and the launcher platform’s speed after the launch. Repeat this process with golf ball.

Observations about the two launches. [Compare and constrast]

Station 11 Accelerated motion

Ramp, pvc pipe, small wind chimes


PART 1 (A) Constant velocity

Go to the web page It will open in a new screen when you click this link. Drag the lights so that when the "Go" button is pressed the pressed you each light will turn green at an equal time interval. When each light turns green, a bell will also sound. Pay attention to the time interval between the ring chimes.The screen has a graph paper like grid in the back ground. Use this background to help you with the light spacing.

PART 1 (B) Constant velocity
Go to the web page. It will open in a new screen. This time the lights are on an incline. Move to that their space is NEARLY the same as in part "A." Press the "go" button. If they do not ring or turn green with an even time interval between them, then press the reset button and adjust them until they do ring/turn green with an even time in between them.

about parts “A” and “B.”


PART 2 (A) Acceleration
Raise one end of the ramp so that the ramp’s end about 10 cm , 4 inches, high. The chimes should still be evenly spaced like before. Release the marble from rest at the top of the ramp. Pay attention to the time interval between the ring chimes.

PART 2 (B) Acceleration
Slide the chimes such that when the bearing rolls down the ramp you will hear an evenly spaced ding, ding, ding, ding. Pay attention to the spacing between the chimes.

Observations about the spacing and time intervals between ringing chimes


PART 2 Inferences: ...(About the spacing between chimes in PART 2 and the velocity of http ball between each chime.)

Only answer these questions AFTER completing ALL the stations.
Create your own law relating the mass of an object and how easy it is to move or stop in a straight line or along a curved path. [Refer to station 1 ]

(2) Create your own law relating the location of the mass on an object and how easy it is rotate the object. [Refer to stations 5 & 6 ]

(3) Create your own law relating the location of the mass on an object and how easy it is start or stop an object from rotating. [Refer to station 5,6 & 8 ]

(4) Create your own law predicting what happens when two objects push off of each other. [Refer to stations 9 & 10 ]

(5) Create your own law relating the spacing between chimes and the velocity of an object as it travels between the objects. [Refer to station 11 ]

(6) Create your own law relating the spacing between the chimes and the time between them for accelerated motion. [Part 2 of the in station 11.]

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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