AP 2 Review Outline

(Make sure to look at the objectives in the workbook.

Nearly each section contains quizzes that provide feed back to see it you understand that page's material or not. While they are not assigned. Research says you will learn much quicker by doing the quizzes immediately after reading.

All Class Notes
Class Notes
Significant Figures
You remember significant figures? Try the quiz listed after page 6. Still want a little more practice, go back and try the quizzes on each page. Maybe you're real rusty, then start on the first page listed and read.

Page 1

Introduction to the purpose ...part 1
Page 2 Introduction to the purpose ...part 2
Page 3 Introduction to the purpose ...part 3
Page 4 Determining which digits are important
Page 5 More counting the number of significant digits.
Page 6 Dealing with those trailing zeros
Quiz This is a quiz on Quia to see if you can apply all of the rules. You do not need an account to use the quiz. It is the same quiz that is at the bottom of page 6.
This comes down to memorizing those equations and knowing how to use them as well as demonstrating how to present your answers.
Page 2 The equations ...memorize them.
Page 3 The variables, units and word clues in word problems and how to list them.
Page 4 Working with "g's"
Page 7 Free-fall and assuming variables
Practice The kinematics review section
Solutions Solutions to the practice problems above
Projectile Motion
You only need to work with a body the is launched horizontally without any horizontal forces acting on it. (Our first lab will use projectile motion for the analysis.)
Page 1

Learning from Examples.

Practice problems are at the bottom of this page.

Solutions Solution to the projectile practice problems above
Page 1 Basic Review of energy concepts
Examples Examples with video solutions
Practice Page 1 of this collection
Solutions Solutions to the energy review problems


by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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