Is a service that allows me to send a text mesage to a phone and/or email address. It is simular to Twitter but the communication is one way. So I can send messages but recipients cannot send back to me.

I'd like to send reminders to students and parents about asignments, extra credit opportunities, some schoolwide events, and/or tests. (I'm guessing that I will be send about 50 messages this year.)

Enrollment is optional. If you are like me and pay for every text message that come on my tracfone, this may not be an option. Keep in mind I also maintian a blog and website for every class. The only differnce is that "" messages contain reminders and I push it to your device instead of you having to remember to check the class blog

Click on the appropriate class to signup to that feed.

My MESA Physics classes All of my AP Physics 2 classes

I will delete your membership in this group a the end of the year.


Sample messages I sent out in prior years.



by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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