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This text is meant to accompany class discussions. It is not everything there is to know about fluids, hydrostatics, and fluid dynamics. It is meant as a prep for class.

This unit will describe concepts used in the study of fluids and properties of hydrostatics and fluid dynamics.

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Table of Contents
Introduction, Density, and Pressure,Barometer, Units

Pascal's Principle

Pressure at Depth, Absolute and Gauge Pressure
Flow Rate and the Continuity Equation

Bernoulli's Equation

Some worksheet answers
Bernoulli Example's Solutions
Class presentation: Density, Pressure, Pressure's Property's, Pascal's Principle. Examples, demos and more.
Class presentation: "Pressure at Depth," gauge pressure, continuity equation, flow rate, Bernoulli's equation. Examples, demos and more.
Buoyancy Presentation
Buoyancy with examples
Some Video Solutions
Some Video Solutions
Mastery Assignment
Mastery Assignment

by Tony Wayne ...(If you are a teacher, please feel free to use these resources in your teaching.)

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